NASIG Student Spotlight Sessions Call For Proposals

The Student Spotlight Sessions will consist of up to eight 5-minute presentations by current (or recently graduated) library school students. If you would like to try speaking at a professional conference, but don’t feel like you have enough to say for a full session, this is a great opportunity for you. Proposals may highlight research projects or thesis, workflow problem-solving ideas, or other topics of interest to the NASIG Community. Proposals should name any particular products or services that are integral to the content spotlight session. However, as a matter of NASIG policy, spotlight sessions should not be used as a venue to promote or attack any product, service, or institution.

Submit your Student Showcase proposal here:

Proposals must be received by 5pm EST on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Members of the Student Outreach Committee will evaluate abstracts, and presenters will be notified of the status of their proposal by mid-April. (Note: Presenters must be registered for either the full conference or for Friday single day registration.)
Inquiries may be sent to the NASIG SOC Chair Katy DiVittorio, at

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