Head of Content Management and Acquisitions

Missouri State University is looking for a Associate Professor/Head of Content Management and Acquisitions.

The Associate Professor is a member of the ranked faculty with a high academic rank who has demonstrated a sustained record of effectiveness in teaching, research including scholarly publications, and service appropriate to the discipline. The Associate Professor’s teaching responsibilities are assigned by the academic department head which may include serving as an academic advisor. The Associate Professor engages in scholarly activities beyond those associated with teaching and is expected to demonstrate professional productivity in research, based upon the availability of resources and consistent with the mission of the University.


● Provides leadership, coordination, and supervision in a collaborative environment to manage all facets of all types of content provided by the MSU Libraries to the university community, the region, and around the world.

● Develop, maintain, and enhance user-focused content and collections.

● Manages the library materials portion of the MSU Libraries’ budget, currently $2.4 million of a total operating budget of $6.4 million.

● Leads and manages acquisitions activities including purchasing, licensing and negotiating contracts for library content, and facilitating access to licensed content, all in a consortial environment; serials maintenance and binding/mending materials.

● Develops, communicates, and implements short- and long-range plans for providing the optimally useful body of content for current and future users.

● Serves as Head of the Content Management and Acquisitions Unit, one of ten units of the MSU Libraries.

● Generates and disseminates analyses of content, usage, and costs.

● Communicates closely with other units of the MSU Libraries, as well as with other cost centers of the university, regarding information content needs and strategies.

● Works with other relevant organizations, such as SWAN and MOBIUS, to develop and implement collaborative and consortial content management programs.

● Research, publication, and service are expected for continuing appointment.

To apply go to: https://jobs.missouristate.edu/postings/33776

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