Archives & Special Collections Summer Internship with Bain Companies

We are looking to hire a graduate student to design and execute a project to digitize, organize, preserve and archive a historic collection of paperwork.

The collection consists of over 15,000 pages of materials comprising letters, blueprints, maps, newspaper articles, photographs and various other items which are 100+ years old.

Responsibilities of the job will be to:

  • Design and organize the project plan
  • Select digitization equipment, software and preservation materials
  • Digitize the materials
  • Create the database of files
  • Organize the library of those files
  • Organize the original papers and store them using proper preservation techniques

Requirements: a working knowledge of computers, scanners, software (including .jpg, .tiff and OCR) and data organization. Knowledge of preservation of paper materials is not required, but would be helpful.  Candidates should be motivated people who enjoy carrying out a project on their own.

Hours are quite flexible and pay will be $12 – $17 per hour depending upon qualifications.

Contact Phil Ordway at or 612-343-5900.