Community Engagement Coordinator

The University of North Texas is looking for a Community Engagement Coordinator for their “All of Us” program.

The National Library of Medicine has initiated a new program with the National Institutes of Health “All of Us” Research Program ( to stimulate and facilitate community engagement and participant support through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM). The “All of Us” Community Engagement Coordinator will work within the states of TX, AR, LA, NM and OK in collaboration with “All of Us” program partners, the NNLM and regional partners to develop, pilot, model and evaluate “All of Us” community engagement activities. The Coordinator will work with regional public libraries, community-based organizations and others to develop activities based on community health needs. Target areas will be chosen to reach underrepresented populations typically not included in research. This position will be one of a team of four coordinators reporting to the NNLM SCR Executive Director.

Duties will include:
* Participate in national program coordination to develop effective, innovative, replicable approaches to meet the “All of Us” and health information needs of library users.
* In consultation with the “All of Us” Research Program, select target areas for community engagement (2/year for a total of 6 areas by Year 3).
* Convene a network of diverse partners that represent all segments of the targeted communities that are dedicated to improving community health, including public libraries, and identify community health and health literacy needs tailored to the identified geographic areas.
* Prepare detailed evaluation and progress reports on activities, programs and services in close collaboration with the “All of Us” Training Center, National Network Coordinating Office, National Evaluation Office, and other NNLM regions.
* Coordinate funding awards to support public libraries and community organizations in accomplishing the goals set forth in this project.
* Contribute through scholarly articles, presentations at professional association meetings, and professional service (e.g., serving on professional panels) surrounding the “All of Us” national program.

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