AkLA Scholarship

The AkLA Scholarship an annual scholarship consisting of $4000.00 to an Alaska resident who is pursuing an MLS in an ALA-accredited Program.
For more than twenty-five years the Alaska Library Association has been offering scholarships to MLS students in order to provide financial assistance to worthy students pursuing graduate studies leading to a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies and to encourage graduates to return to Alaska and work in professional library positions. Scholarships may be awarded for both on-campus and/or distance education programs. Preference will be given to an individual meeting the federal definition of Alaska Native ethnicity.
An applicant must be an Alaskan resident who:
is eligible for acceptance, is currently enrolled, or will be a student in a graduate school
library media specialist certificate program during the academic year, semester, or
academic quarter for which the scholarship is received. makes a commitment to work in an Alaska library for a minimum of one year after graduation as a paid employee or a volunteer, or for two semesters for one semester’s financial assistance. A scholarship recipient who fails to fulfill this commitment will be expected to repay the money received. Candidates awarded the scholarship must supply proof of admission to an accredited program before the scholarship is disbursed.
The AkLA Scholarship Committee will select an individual based on the following criteria:
Applicant’s response to an essay question regarding his/her professional goals and
objectives in pursuing a library career
Demonstrated scholastic ability and writing skills
Strength of references. Three Applicant Reference Evaluation Forms are required, at least
one of which must be from a librarian. References may include additional comments or
Financial need

To learn more and apply: https://akla.org/scholarships/