Alaska State Library Internships

Alaska State Library currently accepting applications for summer internships. The Alaska State Library is accepting applications for three summer internships in
public libraries. Interns will receive travel reimbursement, a $4,000 stipend and free
housing during the eight-week internship.
The Alaska State Library Internship Project will bring three interns who have recently or
are near completion of their Master’s degree in Library or Information Science to work in
Alaska public libraries for two months in the summer of 2018. The goals of the project are
to provide assistance to public libraries in Alaska who lack staff expertise to sustain longterm projects that would benefit their libraries and communities, provide internship and professional development opportunities to MLIS students and increase the number of
MLIS students applying for jobs in Alaska.
Application period will close February 15, 2018.
To learn more about the Alaska State Library Internship Project or to apply for one of the
internships visit