Cultural Sustainability Intern

The Library of Congress is searching for a Cultural Sustainability Intern.

The Cultural Sustainability Internship will provide a qualified master and doctoral student the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills involving the long-term preservation and accessibility of AFC’s digital collections. The Internship offers hands-on experience with and exposure to 21st-century preservation issues facing cultural heritage institutions with a mission to sustain long-term, durable access to their collections.

The Intern will work closely with a mentor throughout the duration of the appointment, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with AFC staff on current projects and planning for new initiatives. The Intern will have a direct impact on AFC policies and procedures for processing legacy and newly collected digital content. At the completion of the appointment, the Intern will prepare and present recommendations to advance the sustainability of the AFC’s repository and its contents.

The Intern will receive a stipend as support for living and other expenses during this appointment. Stipend rates are determined by Library of Congress officials and are based on the selected candidate’s academic and professional background. The selected candidate will also be eligible to receive a transit subsidy allowance.

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