Call for MLA Volunteers

Hello everyone! It’s going to be a busy and productive year for MLA and I know many of you are eager to get involved. A few subunits and committees are looking for members. Volunteering with these groups is a great way to grow your professional network, expand your skill set and, of course, have a lot of fun in doing so. Your participation also strengthens the organization and helps move all of us forward. If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please reach out to the appropriate contact.
The Legislative Work Committee is looking for volunteers interested in participating in the  coordination, event planning, and information sharing needed to enable members to
successfully advocate for state legislation that affects libraries of all types. Examples of  volunteer opportunities include helping create advocacy training materials, running “call to action” campaigns to encourage people to write or call legislators, planning for Library Legislative Day and the Legislative Forum. The time commitment varies, some ability to travel to the metro area is preferred but not mandatory. We need participants from every region of the state and every type of library. If you are interested in politics or grassroots advocacy, this is the opportunity for you! Contact Ann Hokanson ( to volunteer or for more information.


ARLD is looking for a dedicated person to take photos during ARLD Day (April 27th) and post on social media using our hashtags throughout the day. Contact Phil Dudas ( if you are interested.


Most of the information that we create as an Association is now digital; the MLA Roundup, reports from MLA committees and groups, photographs from MLA events, and more. Yet, we don’t have a plan or a practice in place to make sure this content is preserved for the long term. The MLA Preservation Task Force will work on creating a digital preservation plan for the organization. The group will: Review existing documents, like the draft MLA retention policy and other organizational digital preservation plans, to form a basis of a plan for MLA.


Investigate and revive a donor agreement with the Minnesota Historical Society for digital
content if one does not already exist.
Propose and define responsibilities for preserving content on an ongoing basis.
Develop guidelines to share with MLA subunit leadership and the membership on
archival file formats, and when to transfer content to MLA.
Develop guidelines and/or a process for archiving the MLA newsletter and making them
accessible and searchable with our other digital collection of newsletters.
Recommend a system for gathering permissions to share and archive member-submitted
The work of the task force will begin in June 2018 and extend for one year. Contact Sara Ring ( to volunteer or for more information.