LOEX 2019: Call for Breakout Session Proposals

LOEX 2019: Call for Breakout Session Proposals
Up North: Reflect, Reconnect, & Renew
47th Annual LOEX Conference
May 9-11, 2019
Minneapolis, MN
You are invited to Minneapolis for LOEX 2019 to showcase your innovations in library instruction. We
are excited to see how librarians from a wide-variety of locales are exploring their information
literacy environment and dealing with the obstacles & opportunities that they are facing along the
This year’s LOEX tracks are:
* Lead & Innovate: Blazing New Trails
* Collaboration: The S’more the Merrier
* Strategies for Outreach & Engagement: Navigating the 10,000 Lakes
* Pedagogy & Information Literacy: Jumping into the Deep End
* Facilitating Student Research: Igniting the Flame
* Assessment: Are We There Yet?
Proposals for 50-minute long presentations and interactive workshops can be submitted only
through the online submission form and must be received byFriday, November 16, 2018. The
primary contact for the proposal will receive a message indicating receipt of the proposal when it is
submitted and will be notified if the proposal has been accepted for presentation by Monday,
January 14, 2019.
For more details, please visit http://www.loexconference.org/breakoutproposals.html