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Mary Wagner, Ph.D.
Along with many others, over 35+ years, I guided and shaped the undergraduate Library Science department, an early undergraduate On-line Learning major in Library/Information Studies, the Urban Library Program and the graduate Library and Information Science program, initially with Dominican University and now an independent ALA accredited program. My most recent research areas are services and literature for children and international librarianship.
Anthony Molaro, Ph.D.
Program Director
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Library Information Science,Dominican University, River Forest
M.S.: Master of Library and Information Science,Dominican University
M.B.A.: Business, Elmhurst College
Interests: technology and libraries, eBooks and eReaders, organization of information, digital media, the digital divide, information activism and social justice, and transliteracy.
Deborah Grealy, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Program Director [2011 - 2017]

Retiring: January 2018

Our sincere thanks and best wishes to Dr. Grealy for her seven years of service as the Associate Dean and Program Director; we wish her well as she approaches retirement.

Sarah Park Dahlen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
M.S.: Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
M.A.: Asian American Studies, University of California Los Angeles
B.A.: History & Asian American Studies, University of California Los Angeles
  • LIS 7010 Introduction to Library and Information Science
  • LIS 7210 Library Materials for Children
  • LIS 7180 Storytelling for Children and Adults
  • LIS 7190 Social Justice and Children’s/YA Literature
  • LIS 7220 Library Materials for Young Adults
  • LIS 7230 Services for Children and Young Adults
  • GSJ 3990 Dismantling Racism: Social Justice and Children's Literature
Research:Research focuses on transracially adopted Koreans in children’s literature, the information behaviors of adopted Koreans, and diversity in children’s literature and library education.

Dahlen, Sarah Park. (2016 June). “On Autonomy: The Intersections of Ethnic Studies and Young Adult Literature.” Voices of Youth Advocates Special Issue on Race and Culture in Teen Literature 39 (2).

Dahlen, Sarah Park. (2016). “Who Is ‘The Other?’ Alvin Ho: Not Allergic to Playing Indian, Feathers, and Other Stereotypical Things.” In The Early Reader in Children’s Literature and Culture, edited by Jennifer Miskec and Annette Wannamaker. Routledge Press.

Dahlen, Sarah Park. (2016). “Teaching LIS, Children’s Literature and Social Justice to Undergraduate Non-LIS Majors.” In Teaching for Justice: Implementing Social Justice in the LIS Classroom, edited by Miriam E. Sweeney and Nicole A. Cooke. Library Juice Press.

Low, Jason. (2016 January 26). “Where is the Diversity in Publishing? The 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey Results.” The Open Book blog: Lee & Low Books. New York.

Dahlen, Sarah Park and Lessa Kanani’Opua Pelayo-Lozada. (2015 Fall). “Day of Diversity: Extending the Dialogue, Encouraging the Action.” In Children and Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children, pp. 21-25.

Dahlen, Sarah Park and Lies Wesseling (eds.) (2015). Orphanhood, Foster Care and Adoption: A Special Issue of Children’s Literature Association Quarterly. Children’s Literature Association.

Naidoo, Jamie Campbell and Sarah Park Dahlen (eds). (2013) Diversity in Youth Literature: Opening Doors Through Reading. Chicago: ALA Editions.

Interests: youth literature and library services, LIS education, transracial adoption, equity.
Heidi Hammond, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
SLMS Coordinator
Ph.D.: Education-Curriculum Instruction (Literacy: Children and Young Adult Literature), University of Minnesota.
Minnesota Teaching Licenses: School Library Media, English, Speech, and Reading.
Professional Experience: 23 years of experience as a school librarian at elementary, middle, and high school levels.
Committees: Served on the 2011 Randolph Caldecott Award Committee, the SLR editorial board from 2011-2014, and the 2013 Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee.
Selected Publications:

Hammond, H. & Nordstrom, G. (2014). Reading the Art in Caldecott Award Books: A Guide to the Illustrations, Lanham, MD, Rowman Littlefied

Hammond, H. (2012).
"Graphic Novels and Multimodal Literacy: A High School Study with American Born Chinese." Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature. (50, 4, 22-32)

Hammond, H. (2012). "Survive and Thrive: Managing Multiple Libraries." Library Media Connection. (31, 3, 28-29)

Interests: Hiking, biking, travel, and reading.
David Lesniaski, D.M.A.
Associate Professor
D.M.A.: Music Composition and Theory, University of Arizona
M.A.: Library Science, University of Minnesota
M.M.: Music Composition and Theory, University of Kansas
B.A.: Music, Haverford College
Sook Lim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Library and Information studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Major research areas: human information behavior concerning user-generated content such as Wikipedia, particularly credibility and information literacy; academic library issues.
Published Articles in: Information Processing and Management, Information Research, Journal of Association for Information Science and Technology, Journal of Academic Librarianship and Library & Information Science Research.
  • LIS 7040: Information Literacy in the Digital Age
  • LIS 7620 : Literacy and Community Engagement
  • LIS 7690 : Information Technology, People and Society
  • LIS 7050 : Research Methods
  • LIS 7700 :Management of Libraries and Information Centers
Interests: enthusiastic classical music lover and a concert-goer.
Sheri Ross, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Information Studies, Florida State University
M.S.: Library Science, University of North Texas
M.A.: Cultural Anthropology, State University of New York
B.S.: Business Management, George Mason University
Selected Publications:
Ross, S. V. T. and Sutton, S. (2016). Guide to Electronic Resource Management. Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited.
Ross, S. V. T. (2013). “Intellectual Property Policies in Academe: Issues and Concerns with Digital Scholarship.” In K. Strauch, B. R. Bernhardt, & L.H. Hinds (Eds.), Charleston Conference Proceedings 2012. Purdue University Press.
Ross, S. V. T. (2011). Non-resident use of libraries along the Appalachian Trail. Library Management 32(8-9), 540-552.
Ross, S. V. T. & Buckles, C. (2011). "The Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) in eligible American countries: Benefits, challenges and relationship to Internet use." First Monday 16(7).
Ross, S. V. T. (2011). "Teaching electronic resource management". In K. Strauch, B. R. Bernhardt, & L.H. Hinds (Eds.), Charleston Conference Proceedings 2010. Purdue University Press.
Ross, S. V. T. (2010). "A grounded analysis of the use of public libraries in Appalachia by non- residents." In A Katsirikou (Ed.) Conference Proceedings, International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries QQML2010. Chania, Crete: University of Piraeus.
Ross, S. V. T. (2008). "A study of citations made to journals offered through the Access to Global Online Resources in Agriculture (AGORA) program by authors from eligible Asian countries." In T. Nagatsuka & S. Ninomiya (Eds.) Agricultural Information and IT: Proceedings of IAALD AFITA WCCA2008. Atsugi: Tokyo University of Agriculture.
Ross, S. V. T. (2007). "Ethical Climate Typology and Questionnaire: A discussion of instrument modifications." Journal of Academic Librarianship 33, 567-580.
Ross, S. V. T. (2004). "Applying program assessment techniques to electronic resources management." Technical Services Quarterly 22(1), 9-20.
Kyunghye (Konhe) Yoon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Information Transfer, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
M.S.: Information Resource Management, Syracuse University
B.A.: Library Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Research Interest: Web Accessibility and Usability, Human Information Interaction in Digital Environment, User-based Information Retrieval and Information Seeking, and Information Meaning and Representation

Accessibility and diversity in LIS: Inclusive information architecture for library websites (Kyunghye Yoon, L. Hulscher and R. Dols) Library Quarterly (2016)

Call for a separate information architecture of library websites for visually impaired users (Kyunghye Yoon, T. Newberry, L. Hulscher, et al.) Proceedings of the 76 th Association of Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting (2013)

Conceptual syntagmatic associations in user tagging (Kyunghye Yoon) Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (2012)

Tag co-occurrence analysis using the association data mining rule (Kyunghye Yoon) Proceedings of the iConference 2012 (2012)

Yoon, K., Dols, R. and Hulscher, L. (2016). “An Exploratory Study of Library Website Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users,” Library and Information Science Research, 38(2016) 250-258


Joyce Yukawa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Communication and Information Sciences, University of Hawaii
M.A.: Library Science, University of Michigan
B.A.: English Literature, Ohio Wesleyan University
Toyin Akisanya, M.Sc.
IT Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty
M.Sc.: Computer Science, University College London
Courses: ISCI 1300 iPhone & iPad Application Development / Programming 1
Interests: App development, new technologies, web design and development.
J. Tobias Ball
Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Hearn
Adjunct Faculty
Jim Glazer, Ed.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Ed.D.: Education Leadership-Technology, Saint Mary’s University-Minneapolis (2003)
Minnesota Teaching Licenses: K-12 School Library Media, Elem. Grades 1-6, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disabilities, K-12 Principal.
Courses: LIS 7240 Technology for Teaching and Learning; LIS 7250 Curriculum & School Libraries; and 8030 Technology for School Libraries.
Professional Experience: 34 years teaching experience including 18 years of experience as a school librarian at elementary and middle school levels, district-level media coordinator.
Committees: Minnesota license renewal chairman since 1987.
Education Minnesota: “The Role of School Libraries in Teaching and Learning”
MEMO/ITEM: “MAP/MCA/Media: Connecting Assessments with Media Programming”
TIES: “Creating Student Web Pages”
Interests: Reading, online teaching and learning, running marathons, supporting our daughters in their Irish dance and music.
Molly Hazelton
Executive Director, Hilton Sisters Project
M.A.: Master of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston
B.A.: Sociology, Mount Holykoe College, South Hadley, MA
Courses: LIS 7750 Introduction to Archives and Special Collections; LIS 8810 Advanced Archival Management; and LIS 7130 Preservation Management
Interest: Likes to be outdoors all year around, enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, and walking her dogs. She also enjoys baking and reading historical fiction.
Chris Jacobs
Adjunct Faculty/MLIS Advisory Council
MLIS: University of St. Catherine
B.A.:Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University

About:I work at 3M as an alternative librarian... in other words, I've had a number of different roles that have benefited from my MLIS including IT, technical education, internal technical knowledge, and project management. At St. Kate's I've taught graduate Research Methods, Information Seeking Behavior, and Alternative Careers in Library and Information Science.

Peggy Johnson, M.A.
MLIS Adjunct Liaison
B.A.: St. Olaf College
M.A.: University of Chicago Graduate Library School
M.A. in Management and Administration, Metropolitan State University
About: I’m retired from the University of Minnesota Libraries, where my last position was as Associate University Librarian. My responsibilities at the U. of MN included collection development and management, technical services, facilities management, institutional planning, grants management, and budgeting. I’m the author of several articles and books, and have consulted on library development in Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, and China.
David McKoskey, M.S., M.A.
Adjunct Professor
M.S.: Computer Science, University of Minnesota
M.A.: Linguistics, University of Minnesota
Ed.D.: Leadership, University of St. Thomas (forthcoming)
Courses: LIS 7530 (Internet Fundamentals and Design), LIS 7510 (Database Management), ISCI 1000 (Information Technology and Digital Society), ISCI 1200 (Website Design and Information Architecture)
Interests: Software Development, Natural Language Processing, Critical Theory, Social Justice.
Gail Nordstrom
Adjunct Faculty
Christopher Stewart, Ed.D.
Adjunct Faculty
LeAnn Suchy, M.L.S.
Education & Technical Reference Librarian
About: LeAnn is one of the librarians in the St. Kate's library.
In the MLIS program, she has taught an Ebook Technology course and currently teaches Readers' Advisory Services.
Interests: reading and readers advisory, book reviewing, social media, educational technology, apps, golfing, and going to the theater.
Leslie Yoder
Adjunct Faculty


  • MA - Education, University of St Thomas
  • BA - Spanish, University of Minnesota

Minnesota Licenses:

  • Spanish
  • Library Media


  • LIS 7283/7286 Clinical Experience/Supervised Student Teaching

About: Leslie is the former District Library Services Supervisor for Saint Paul Public Schools. She began her 37 year education career as a teacher of Spanish, Bilingual Education, and ESL. Around the turn of the century, in search of new adventures, Leslie became a school librarian. She was a 2015-16 Lilead fellow and served as MEMO(ITEM) president in 2009.

Interests: Leslie cooks, plays tennis, reads, runs, travels, and tries to keep up with her six grandchildren.
Toyin Akisanya, M.Sc.
IT Coordinator
I manage the LIS labs, servers and software for classes. I'm happy to help with IT-related issues. Feel free to send an email or call (x6890) or stop by my office (CDC 053).
Interests: App development, new technologies, web design and development.
Janis Shearer
Office Coordinator
In my role with LIS, I assist with registration, maintain office files and student files, class schedules, attend departmental meetings, as well as organize and coordinate program events. If you have questions about the program, please contact me.
Deborah Torres, M.I.L.S.
Assistant to the Associate Dean/Assistant Program Director
I am involved a variety of activities for the MLIS Program including data collection, co-curricular events, career development, communication, recruitment, internal and external relationships, and more.
Interests: archives and special collections, family history, digital family photographs.
Contact me@debtorres54
Heather Carroll
Co-chair SAA (17-18)
Co-chair SGO (17-18)
Organizer of Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program,
LIS Community Mixer and MLIS Summit Student Poster Fair

My love of databases and art, combined with a bit of curiosity and the desire to unlock hidden collections, led me to St Kate’s MLIS program and to combine the Archives and Special Collections track with the Information Science track. I am also earning a graduate level certificate in Museum Studies at St Thomas.

I love hands-on learning, connecting people with projects and (re)discovering cool stuff in archives, museums and libraries. Contact me
Lauren Cottrell
ALA Co-Chair
PLG Vice President

I am in the School Library Media Specialist Tract. My bachelor's degree is in Elementary Education.

I currently work in Technical Services at the St. Kate's Saint Paul Library.

Deb Eschweiler
SGO Co-Chair ('17-'18)
SAA Treasurer ('16-'18)
GSAB Board Member ('16-'18)
By Day: Video Editor
By Night /Weekend: MLIS Student
MLIS Student-Archives Track
, focusing on audiovisual archiving and digital asset management. I am the Student Government Organization (SGO) co-chair for the 2017-18 academic year, and have been SAA treasurer since the 2016-17 academic year. I have been student liaison to the faculty curriculum committee for the SGO since 2015, & I have been sitting on the GSAB board since 2016. Contact me
Zach Jansen
Co-Chair SAA ('17-'18)
Zach earned a B.A. in screenwriting from Metropolitan State University and has had a semi-successful career as a filmmaker. But his interest in films and film history (and cataloging and classifying films) led him to pursue an MLIS with an emphasis on archives and cataloging. He's learned a lot while at St. Kate's and is always eager to help fellow students in and out of the classroom.
Sarah Larsen
SLA Chair ('16-'17)

SLA Vice President ('17-'18)

My focus is on special libraries, particularly law libraries. I am especially interested in outreach and marketing.

I am the Vice President of the SLA Student Group for 2017-2018 and I was the Chair and SLA's SGO representative for 2016-2017.
Salie Olson
ALA Treasurer ('15-'18)
PLG President ('16-'18)
PLG Representative for SGO
Campus Little Free Library Librarian
MLIS-School Libraries Tract
I hope to one day soon be a school librarian for either middle school or high school students. Working in a library abroad also interests me. I have been a member of PLG, SGO, SLA and SAA since 2015 when I started in the program. I also help make sure that the Little Free Libraries on campus are full and accessible to all. I currently work at the St. Catherine University Minneapolis Campus Library and the Science Museum of Minnesota.
Kallie Schell
PLG Social Media Manager (‘17-’18)

My education track is focused on public libraries. I would specifically like to work with programming for adults.

Currently I tutor adults at the Franklin Learning Center in Minneapolis to assist them in acquiring their GEDs, studying for the citizenship exam, and general proficiency in areas that assist in the workforce.

I have been the Social Media Manager for PLG since Spring 2017. I currently work in St. Kate’s Human Resources department.
Amy Werner
SLA Secretary and Treasurer ('17-'18)
My focus is on special libraries and cataloging.
Patricia (Trish) Vaillancourt
SGO Treasurer (17-18)
SAA Media Relations (17-18)
GSAB Member (17-18)
LIS Newsletter/Social Media GA

I have a BA in theater and a BA in political science and worked at the Guthrie Theater for 18 years before coming back to school.

I'm not following a specific track; instead taking bits of everything to form my own public library/archive/cataloging hybrid.

Fun facts: I can't go to sleep without completing my daily crosswords and I have six children...two humans and four cats.