Dr. Kyunghye Yoon, teaching assistant Mallory Haskin (middle back), and students Lizbette Breeggeman, ​Veronika Paprocka, and Rachel Lang

Spearheaded by Associate Professor, Dr. Kyunghye (Konhe) Yoon, LIS launched two new undergraduate minors programs in the Fall of 2016.

The first class was featured in our December 2016 newsletter.

For more information, contact Associate Professor, Dr. Kyunghye (Konhe) Yoon at kyoon@stkate.edu.

New Minors

Digital Humanities

What is Digital Humanities Minor?

Digital Humanities are a newly emerging area of study with a growing application of digital media and technology in the traditional humanities studies and arts. The digital humanities minor is created for students in any majors at St. Kate’s, but especially intended for those with majors in the liberal arts and social sciences.


Why Digital Humanities Minor?

The goal of this minor is to help students enhance digital literacy and information technology skills grounded in a broad liberal arts foundation and be able to utilize these skills in their primary area of study and professional careers.

Information Systems

Students in this minor will gain experience gain experience with computer and information technology applications and be able to serve as a liaison between technologists and users/clients in information systems. Consequenty, they will have increased employability for a wider variety of careers in the technology related field.

New Courses

Digital Humanities

ISCI 1000 Information Technology & Digital Society

Digital Humanities Flyer

Information Systems

ISCI 1000 Information Technology & Digital Society

ISCI 1000 Flyer

Web Design

ISCI 1200 Web Design

ISCI 1200 Flyer

Mobile App Development

ISCI 1300 iPhone & iPad App Development / Programming I

ISCI 1300 Course Flyer